Monday, December 18, 2006

Irrelevent minima

one of the Oddest things possible to happen to anyone these days, is coming up with a good idea that actually works, don't shake your head at me, if it worked right away out of the box it was probably an "un-original idea" , fresh ideas usually come with all the abrasive packaging that usually means that it just have been chiseled out of some extraordinary brain, polished ideas are well worn by the process of trial and error, they do work to some extent or the other "out of the box", wonder how many "fresh ideas" have i had in the last four years, not as much as I'd like i think... oh I'm not going to rant about my lobotomized otherwise superb mental abilities, not this time at any rate, it just strikes me that i haven't heard or seen an original idea in quite a while now.
regardless of what field we choose to focus on, it has appeared to some that "intellect" is not equal to "ingenuity", intellect is the ability to learn things, that's also called smart, it's disturbing how many people out there equate the two totally different traits, and worst of all are those who agree with the above to go right ahead and equate Ingenuity with creativity ... complete morons if you ask me, to be creative is to "create" things, .. hmmn ... so what exactly is ingenuity you ask?
i haven't got the foggiest you know ... but it is a sure marvelous display of how linguistics could make all the difference between different meanings, it's amazing how much people normally blab on using titles they hardly even know the meaning of, pretty silly, does not create a dialog, i believe it's very much like the ages old ancient trade rites, where traders would communicate and barter without knowing a single syllable of each others language, note that "syllable" is different to "letter", the case in most communications back then would be to show off the most exorbitant speech and body language pattern to gain more impressionability on the other, it seems that we are still practicing this fundamental rite now, till this day i have yet to meet a person who actually knows what he/she is really talking about, absurd meanings, invariable variables and things like that are so dominant in our modern speech, it's really pathetic.
would someone correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't the purpose of language when it was first created? communication? I'm honestly not sure that this is the case anymore, or even back then, to many humans i have met, body language is the real determinate factor in any vocal display of oratory power, in other words, if he/she looks like he/she knows what he is talking about, he probably does, the fact that that thing maybe relevant, is in most cases .. irrelevant,
now take a long deep breath, try to actually absorb what i just said, it's difficult to do so sometimes, i sympathize, but i have just declared to you that all those years of earnest communication with everyone you know, was pointless...
don't look at me crosswise, that's body language again, and since I'm not looking at you i wont get it, try to actually communicate back, hold back that stream of thoughts your having, and hopefully try to put them into to meaningful words,
that's what they were meant to do

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To smoke or not to smoke

Smoking is fun (for smokers), it relieves a lot of stress, is a way to waste time, and to some people smoking eventually becomes a friend.

A friend is someone you care about, someone you wouldn't want to harm in any way, and is someone you trust with your valuables.

How would you feel if a friend of yours borrowed your car and smashed it, slammed it, broke it, and turned it into a mess, Willingly?!

How would you feel if he did it right infront of you?! as you watched him?!.... would you be angry? what would you do to that friend of yours?

God has trusted you with this body, it's not yours! it's his!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Daddy.... are there really green monsters here?

When we were kids we learnt a lot of theoritical information that we never could make a connection to in real life, and as we grew up and started learning the philosophy of "When in Rome Do as the Romans do" we started basing our morals and ethics on the general behaviour of our surrounding environment (except with some exceptional cases).

So where do the fulltime villans live in real life? or were they in cartoons only for entertainment purposes, it turns out later that due to the lack of further explanation on what villans are, we tend to make a lot of mistakes by communicating and sometimes bonding with the wrong people, just because they don't have a tail or have two horns on their head.

We meet with villains everyday, however, unlike cartoons they aren't aware of the fact that they are really villains, they may even believe that they are the victims, and that by doing what they're doing they're just getting what's rightfully theirs, of course without honest feedback from their friends and kin, their vices begin to develop even further, i hate to think of what hitler's friends and kin were like, i don't solely blame the environment, ofcourse if the individual is self obssessed and a narcisit, that also helps the vicsous cycle.

Some examples of the villains we meet maybe an unjust boss at work, or maybe a self involved, careless and unhelpful relative or friend, or maybe they're all the characters you dislike combined (you must be very unlucky to get that though).

So, what other disconnects are there in life? let's say the simple lessons we learnt about being honest and friendly, i don't think they were very clear, i mean, look the world today, i believe a simple thing like telling your kids there's something like a white lie and black lie isn't acceptable, or having him lie about you being at home to other people then asking him not to lie to you, confuses us, and creates our inner conviction that we can always have double measures, one of which is always in our favor.

Maybe if we simply start by listening, rethinking our actions everynight before going to sleep and thinking what the people around us are getting on the receiving end, the balance of justice may start leveling back to where it should be.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nina Simone "Sinnerman"

Oh sinnerman, where you gunna run to
Where you gunna run to
All on that day

This is how this song starts, and this is how most of our lives start, or maybe end... no one knows for sure, who cares anwyays!! this is what happens when you ship sails.. you sin, off you go.. you have to be a good sailor otherwise you will end-up like the Titanic.. but poor you.. you was not trained good enough... or maybe you were trained but you didnt pay enough attention to what your mama said... you didnt read the manual... and you never asked for directions during the trip.. so dont blame no-one but yourself captain Titanic when your ship crashes.
Those who managed to reach the end safely never got back to tell us the course they followed, and those who told us which way NOT to follow are sadely dead... everybody knows what happened to the Titanic right??..... irnoic huh?... BUT, doesn't this tell you anything??... well it's telling me something... it says "its easier to know the wrong way than to figuer out the right one" .....
in other words, i should not be writing all the above, for my ship is still sailing :D... so lets start allover again.

Oh sinnerman, where you gunna run to
Where you gunna run to
All on that day

This is how the song starts, and this is how pop up windows start popping in my mind ( unfortunatly, pop up blockers dont work with that kind of pop ups, i should convert to linux sometime soon), the first says "why does the sinnerman has to run in first place?", and then pops another one "run from whom??"..... a pop up shows "offcourse he cannot be running from God"... and another one "he cant be running from his sins either", if he is stupid enough to think that he can run from eitehr God or his sins, then i shouldnt be wasting my time thinking about it, right???.. dinnnng ( a pop up shows) "maybe he is a schizophrenic and running from his other 2 characters", but this doesnt make sense. the most reasonable answer i could come up with is that(dinnng) "sinnerman is running from the other men", (dinnnng) "they are sinner-men aswell but they dont understand yet". another pop up dings" what happens when each of them realises that he is a sinnerman aswell?"...... and this is when i start laughing, cos now i see the whole world running, and all the ships crashing :D ....

Now i 'll reboot befor more pop ups follow. No more Nina Simone for me tonight.
At the end i want to thank all captains Titanic, the black box inventors, family in tanta , garnma & granpa in the underworld and i dedicate the next song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to my unborn children.

Listen to your mama if you still can, fetch your manual and read whats left of it.. and if you are a man, well it's ok if you stop to ask for directions and be sure that nobody will call you a chicken, cos chicken never ask for directions, cos they know they are not gonna survive anwyays, if not eaten, the bird's flu will beat them.

Monday, April 10, 2006

people and balls


picture this situation, you are standing in a sunny park, you have a ball in your hand, you see someone interesting, you throw the ball at him/her, you may imagine one of the following results:

1. ball hits him/her unaware, right then and there, you laugh smiling at him/her
2. he/she notices the ball flying in his/her direction and either dodges it or catches it
3. you completely miss (you can eliminate this case by more practice at throwing balls)

now you can also imagine one of the following responses
for case 1:
a) he/she is angry to be the target of your ball, the question lights up, "what are you doing in the park then?"
b) he/she laughs and throws the ball right back at you, grinning!
c) he/she has never in his life seen a ball before, hence it just bounces off him/her and falls in the mud.

for case 2:
a) if he/she dodges it, and looks busy or uninterested, again the question lights up, "what are you doing in the park then?"
b) he/she dodges the ball and doesn't seem to notice, you might want to try another ball at the same target.
c) he/she plus you start playing ball, both parties grinning.

now for whatever or whoever's sake, which pair of action and reaction is more fun, IMHO i think it would be either 2-c , or 1-b with 1-b being more natural, of course the worst possible pair would be 1-a being the most common, and 1-c being excessively dreary.
the question now, is why do people go to parks in the first place, reasons may vary from enjoying the sun, wanting a partner to play ball , to planning mass murder of everyone playing ball.
AFAIK, going to a park cause you don't want to meet people is irrational and unhealthy, oddly enough seems to be disturbingly common.
the smart ones "hopefully you" reading between the lines would recognize that the park I'm talking about are any Internet medium where people join example something like or or the like, and the balls are the conversation / socialization attempts, now call me insane but for the life of me i don't understand why do people join such "open communities" if there answer to socialization attempts is something like "i don't trust anyone from the net" assume the shrillest voice you could imagine ... yikes, what does "trust" have to do with this? it's just a ball!! trust is something that comes with time, say after 20 ball games..
human foibles are diverse and many, so each one individual of us has his/her own crop of in-securities, no one is about to pamper your foibles, when you act that way, well you really really should consider locking your self up in a dark stone closet with water dripping slowly on you (effective Chinese torture method),
but DO delete your account first!

if you don't want to be in the park, then don't be in the park.
for the rest of us who do want to play ball, the sun is bright and there are a lot of people out there, the object is to have fun, meet people noncommittally, mingle and enjoy new ideas, to enrich your life with new people, possible friends and maybe even more, just remember why you went to the park in the first place.
and for anyone out there, I've got plenty of balls !! :P
note : this manual does not cover sleazy balls infected or diseased or even hairy ones ..