Sunday, July 18, 2010

face your worst enemy, your self...

it has been observed many times that some animals would chew off their own limbs if trapped,
i like to believe that such self destructive behavior, after all the time spent on the evolutionary path, would eventually end,... not to mention, that as human beings we actually have thumbs, and the ability to manipulate objects that may obstruct our path,
it bothers me to no end to see just how wrong that assumption is,
after many years of observing and interacting with fellow human beings, i have a public statement to make,
as in big time,
and we have no excuse for our idiotic self cantered, hypocritical, fearful conduct.

we’re all afraid of one thing or the other, we all have our daemons to wrestle with, and none of us enjoy that sensation of “shit, why do i have to go through it again” , and we all somehow reach out and hope expect and demand that other’s help us, soothe our fears, make us feel better, be positive, and generally shine down on us with bliss while we continue our business of criticizing how the light they are giving isn’t the right shade of morning we would like...
what the fuck gives any of us the right to be such... such, ... i really can’t find a word to convey my utter disgust, and that’s saying a lot.

recognise that if you’re upset about something, then in all likely hood you have caused someone to be upset too, and if you are close, then in all probability you both are mirroring and complementing each others idiocy, ...
all human contact and relationships are priceless, and it’s a damned shame to loose any,
remember that if you are not going to change how you react/act the outcomes will be the same, and that someone (preferably you, since you are the one bitching about it most) has to stop the cycle of blah that is plaguing your life, and stopping the blah, is not equivalent to wrecking or destroying something you want, just because it’s easier to fuck things up than to fix them, it’s easier to criticize and lay blame than it is to truly attempt to understand the mechanism that causes you/me to act in such a wasteful manner, remind your self that you too are fallible, that you too are probably a dickhead, that’s a good start.
deal with it, in a way that serves your long term interests,
it being whatever it is.

please, evolve...