Monday, December 18, 2006

Irrelevent minima

one of the Oddest things possible to happen to anyone these days, is coming up with a good idea that actually works, don't shake your head at me, if it worked right away out of the box it was probably an "un-original idea" , fresh ideas usually come with all the abrasive packaging that usually means that it just have been chiseled out of some extraordinary brain, polished ideas are well worn by the process of trial and error, they do work to some extent or the other "out of the box", wonder how many "fresh ideas" have i had in the last four years, not as much as I'd like i think... oh I'm not going to rant about my lobotomized otherwise superb mental abilities, not this time at any rate, it just strikes me that i haven't heard or seen an original idea in quite a while now.
regardless of what field we choose to focus on, it has appeared to some that "intellect" is not equal to "ingenuity", intellect is the ability to learn things, that's also called smart, it's disturbing how many people out there equate the two totally different traits, and worst of all are those who agree with the above to go right ahead and equate Ingenuity with creativity ... complete morons if you ask me, to be creative is to "create" things, .. hmmn ... so what exactly is ingenuity you ask?
i haven't got the foggiest you know ... but it is a sure marvelous display of how linguistics could make all the difference between different meanings, it's amazing how much people normally blab on using titles they hardly even know the meaning of, pretty silly, does not create a dialog, i believe it's very much like the ages old ancient trade rites, where traders would communicate and barter without knowing a single syllable of each others language, note that "syllable" is different to "letter", the case in most communications back then would be to show off the most exorbitant speech and body language pattern to gain more impressionability on the other, it seems that we are still practicing this fundamental rite now, till this day i have yet to meet a person who actually knows what he/she is really talking about, absurd meanings, invariable variables and things like that are so dominant in our modern speech, it's really pathetic.
would someone correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't the purpose of language when it was first created? communication? I'm honestly not sure that this is the case anymore, or even back then, to many humans i have met, body language is the real determinate factor in any vocal display of oratory power, in other words, if he/she looks like he/she knows what he is talking about, he probably does, the fact that that thing maybe relevant, is in most cases .. irrelevant,
now take a long deep breath, try to actually absorb what i just said, it's difficult to do so sometimes, i sympathize, but i have just declared to you that all those years of earnest communication with everyone you know, was pointless...
don't look at me crosswise, that's body language again, and since I'm not looking at you i wont get it, try to actually communicate back, hold back that stream of thoughts your having, and hopefully try to put them into to meaningful words,
that's what they were meant to do