Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Blah Vs, Blah Blah!

i call this divine intervention
we've all read John Gray's Classic Men are from Blah, and women are From Blah Blah, and we all know how most of the time it still sucks like sour camel balls to try to get that idiot/idiotess to understand wtf you are talking about!
i guess the first question that really does jump in my head when observing such antics, is why the hell are you together in the first place? and how come you two can smash away pretty well at one another in anger (and manage to get your point perfectly across while you're angry), yet somehow just cannot communicate calmly!!
my guess is that you have no idea what you are feeling, because you are at the stage when you want so bad to communicate, it just gets in the way, you haven't stopped to think about what you are feeling, and if you're emotions are truly justified or not, in which case your partner would most probably react to your emotions instead of reacting to what you are really saying, and hence you react to the Agitation, and so forth...
that's fucking ugly you know,
and it can easily (well NOT so easily) be prevented, by calming the fuck down and remembering why you got your ass in this relationship in the first place!,
it's not that hard,
and it's Far better and much more constructive that smashing all your favorite kitchenware / your prize guitar on his/her currently inaccessible communication nodes!

Ease off Dude/Duddess! you're missing out on too much fun!
ps: yes Makeup sex and Even Fighting Sex is Awesome!!