Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shallow waters

Take a dip in my shallow waters of mental manifestations
There upon the cold ceramic floors ... lying naked with a spot light upon a dying flower ... i see no reason why
perhaps its time .. again and again ... time to fall back ... fall behind .. in the crevice of time

strap a shroud of desire upon your restless forehead , let it fall upon your eyes , despise , analyse , devise a plan to move mountains and turn your life around , there's no sound , the crowds aren't cheering anymore, just a lot of dark men , in dark suits with long hats, smoking pipes and listening cautiously

I confess dear doctor, i couldn't care less, but that's just me, could i get you a fork and knife, as you cut and slice away

feed me drugs that ease the pain,,, as i run across the trees of autumn and scatter the dead leaves of regret, upon the ground where we once met

I see the dead rabbit in my soup bowl, but i couldn't care, alice is long gone down the hole, into the land where no one returns , there she sits upon a golden chair under a satin curtain with a glass of wine

spin it ... spin it .... round and round we run around as the music sets the mood, in the land of thieves, with our MC Robin Hood