Friday, July 29, 2011

Upper and Lower Egypt

Upper Egypt, or "el Saeed" as we call it, has always been the true wealth of this forgetful nation,

nothing ever got done without thier consent, and not a single ruler or occupier has withstood their wrath, and in so many ways they are the Egyptians, while the rest of us "lower" Egyptians are muddled and messed up, with all sorts of issues, in short, they Are the Silent block, and they have been marginalized and ignored for decades and decades, simply out of precaution, since they don't take slight lightly, and they just love Vendettas, and are hierarchical to the utmost, and they just DON'T fuck around.
you're talking about at least 70% of Egypt here, Army, police, builders, farmers, and plain ol' simple people.
they are ignored, they are rich, they are strong, and they can flip the switch on all of this without much thought,
and it just seems really unjust and highly stupid to continue ignoring them.
we need them.
all we should do is show some respect.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Blah Vs, Blah Blah!

i call this divine intervention
we've all read John Gray's Classic Men are from Blah, and women are From Blah Blah, and we all know how most of the time it still sucks like sour camel balls to try to get that idiot/idiotess to understand wtf you are talking about!
i guess the first question that really does jump in my head when observing such antics, is why the hell are you together in the first place? and how come you two can smash away pretty well at one another in anger (and manage to get your point perfectly across while you're angry), yet somehow just cannot communicate calmly!!
my guess is that you have no idea what you are feeling, because you are at the stage when you want so bad to communicate, it just gets in the way, you haven't stopped to think about what you are feeling, and if you're emotions are truly justified or not, in which case your partner would most probably react to your emotions instead of reacting to what you are really saying, and hence you react to the Agitation, and so forth...
that's fucking ugly you know,
and it can easily (well NOT so easily) be prevented, by calming the fuck down and remembering why you got your ass in this relationship in the first place!,
it's not that hard,
and it's Far better and much more constructive that smashing all your favorite kitchenware / your prize guitar on his/her currently inaccessible communication nodes!

Ease off Dude/Duddess! you're missing out on too much fun!
ps: yes Makeup sex and Even Fighting Sex is Awesome!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

why it wont work

the major export of some countries in this day and age.
so here it is

Democracy (as an applicable system) :
is only acceptable when it's too expensive to kill off your opposition ,
and can only be ensured if your youths (upcoming generations) remember and re-live the horror of having to pay that price all over again,

Examples : 
Germany (300 year war, the 100 year war, and almost every war ever fought in freaking Europe including both World wars!, and some for just the heck of it), 
the USA (the civil war was bad enough, and of course the Mexican wars and the liberation wars)
Lebanon, (long civil war till every one got too goddamned tiered of killing everyone else)

in some cases, to a lesser extent, the Geo/Socio/Political parameters and realities force such realities on the people.
examples : 
Greece (country too segregated geographically), 
India (too God damned large, huge populace)

Democracy (as a Brand)
happens to be one of the most successful brands being marketed around the globe right now, as big as Pepsi or Coca Cola, and with the same intentions, more sales, more goods,
and more opportunities to the salesman, it's been turned into the banner that every tom dick and harry can wave and no one would dare question them, i should say Atrees, Mukhaymar and Ewees, since I’m an Egyptian , but i think you get my point,

so my final commentary on what's happening in my country is this,
if you don't know what happened to other nations when they took a certain path, 
you're pretty much destined to repeat their mistakes, 
albeit how spectacular your failure would be in accord with your local custom,
-shut the F* up!
-then proceed to fuck it up, 
at least that way you would have a chance to fix things up as they hit you in your face.