Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shallow waters

Take a dip in my shallow waters of mental manifestations
There upon the cold ceramic floors ... lying naked with a spot light upon a dying flower ... i see no reason why
perhaps its time .. again and again ... time to fall back ... fall behind .. in the crevice of time

strap a shroud of desire upon your restless forehead , let it fall upon your eyes , despise , analyse , devise a plan to move mountains and turn your life around , there's no sound , the crowds aren't cheering anymore, just a lot of dark men , in dark suits with long hats, smoking pipes and listening cautiously

I confess dear doctor, i couldn't care less, but that's just me, could i get you a fork and knife, as you cut and slice away

feed me drugs that ease the pain,,, as i run across the trees of autumn and scatter the dead leaves of regret, upon the ground where we once met

I see the dead rabbit in my soup bowl, but i couldn't care, alice is long gone down the hole, into the land where no one returns , there she sits upon a golden chair under a satin curtain with a glass of wine

spin it ... spin it .... round and round we run around as the music sets the mood, in the land of thieves, with our MC Robin Hood

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Prevention and Quality - Two words we don't understand!

How many times did you go to a doctor, to find a cure for your illness, and got a cure for your pain only? How many times did you go to a mechanic, for diagnosing a troubling sound in your car, and he began changing parts haphazardly with no logical or systematic process? How many times have you met with people who dismissed the causes because the symptoms have disappeared?

Unfortunately we live in a region, where diagnosis, prevention and Quality are empty vapid words, which are no more than buzz words used in marketing pamphlets to contrast with the deteriorating and morbid state which it so flamboyantly addresses! Public figures have no problem going on public television and satellite cable television to advertise products they haven't even tried, as they play on the audience's emotion, economic downturn and their desperation!

Yet! why do we always separate the people from the media, or from leadership, or even from ourselves? Other than the need for recognition, and independence! the answer lies within ourselves! and i'm not referring to repetitive overused slogans and cliche's of hard work and persistence, rather i am referring to why we are separated, unwilling to give to others, or honor our agreements or their rights. In my humble opinion, the reason is that we despise them! we despise ourselves! and we despise our lives! we look down on anything that is too little, and we undermine and feel pity for anything that is too much, that would sound logical if we were a developed country with decent living standards, moderate GDP's, decent health care and education services! unfortunately this is not the case! and we know it! and that's another reason for us to despise ourselves!

and looking at the effort it would take to change this, and whether the change is worth it all together, and whether your neighbor and your brother an sister feel the same, and whether you will be sacrificed at the stake as your family and friends watch in the same desperation you once had, before being burnt not as a martyr, but as a traitor to your government, and your people, who will despise you and look down on you, because its simply easier that way.

Loss of Hope, could be another major cause for our problems, there is no solution, or savior, there is no saad zaghloul, omar makram, or jamal abd el nasser anymore, only anonymous leaders behind questionable cloaks, and public figures with curious agendas and international ties. Egyptians need their heroes and their saviors, we need someone to save us, show us, help us, because we are pathetic and weak and helpless, just like the sorrowful and pitiful state to which we have arrived!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

face your worst enemy, your self...

it has been observed many times that some animals would chew off their own limbs if trapped,
i like to believe that such self destructive behavior, after all the time spent on the evolutionary path, would eventually end,... not to mention, that as human beings we actually have thumbs, and the ability to manipulate objects that may obstruct our path,
it bothers me to no end to see just how wrong that assumption is,
after many years of observing and interacting with fellow human beings, i have a public statement to make,
as in big time,
and we have no excuse for our idiotic self cantered, hypocritical, fearful conduct.

we’re all afraid of one thing or the other, we all have our daemons to wrestle with, and none of us enjoy that sensation of “shit, why do i have to go through it again” , and we all somehow reach out and hope expect and demand that other’s help us, soothe our fears, make us feel better, be positive, and generally shine down on us with bliss while we continue our business of criticizing how the light they are giving isn’t the right shade of morning we would like...
what the fuck gives any of us the right to be such... such, ... i really can’t find a word to convey my utter disgust, and that’s saying a lot.

recognise that if you’re upset about something, then in all likely hood you have caused someone to be upset too, and if you are close, then in all probability you both are mirroring and complementing each others idiocy, ...
all human contact and relationships are priceless, and it’s a damned shame to loose any,
remember that if you are not going to change how you react/act the outcomes will be the same, and that someone (preferably you, since you are the one bitching about it most) has to stop the cycle of blah that is plaguing your life, and stopping the blah, is not equivalent to wrecking or destroying something you want, just because it’s easier to fuck things up than to fix them, it’s easier to criticize and lay blame than it is to truly attempt to understand the mechanism that causes you/me to act in such a wasteful manner, remind your self that you too are fallible, that you too are probably a dickhead, that’s a good start.
deal with it, in a way that serves your long term interests,
it being whatever it is.

please, evolve...