Friday, July 29, 2011

Upper and Lower Egypt

Upper Egypt, or "el Saeed" as we call it, has always been the true wealth of this forgetful nation,

nothing ever got done without thier consent, and not a single ruler or occupier has withstood their wrath, and in so many ways they are the Egyptians, while the rest of us "lower" Egyptians are muddled and messed up, with all sorts of issues, in short, they Are the Silent block, and they have been marginalized and ignored for decades and decades, simply out of precaution, since they don't take slight lightly, and they just love Vendettas, and are hierarchical to the utmost, and they just DON'T fuck around.
you're talking about at least 70% of Egypt here, Army, police, builders, farmers, and plain ol' simple people.
they are ignored, they are rich, they are strong, and they can flip the switch on all of this without much thought,
and it just seems really unjust and highly stupid to continue ignoring them.
we need them.
all we should do is show some respect.