Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Evil Outside !

You may often receive an e-mail from a fellow muslim, or you may still receive it, if you're not a muslim, it usually starts like "Fellow muslims beware of the evil "west"/"Americans".....etc. "and it goes as follows:

1. they are trying to use pork/mice/dead animals/roaches/butterflies/genies/dwarfs/orcs in the meat they sell through their fast food places in the arab countries

2. they are using pork fat in the chewing gum they sell to us

3. that type of beverage has a hidden percent of alcohol

4. they have put drugs that will get us addicted to their food in their food

5. they have built a computer store in the shape of the Ka'ba' to mock us and have built some bars in their that serve liquor

6. they have taken pictures of the globe using their advanced satellite spying technology and meccah and medinah appear like two shinning spots in the middle of the darkness but the lost ones still fail to recognize

7. this tree/chocolate cake/fish/fruit/baby was found with islamic writings on him which seemed totally amazing and the lost ones fail to recognize, maybe they will be able later on to recognize such miracles and understand

8. A superstar who has converted to islam after having some sort of miracle and they put an obviously fake picture of the star in some islamic ritual or just a normal picture

9. That was a real piss off, i wanted to send a kick email to the sender and it went like this: Science has submitted to the lady with the face veil- and the story is about a lady doctor who has made research and went to a conference and spoke about her research amongst men, so i have no idea what this proves, but it was really frustrating for me to read that the writer feels she has proven that she still has a brain despite her face veil and that all men admired her courage to speak in such a conference


I'd like to say first off, that i'm a muslim myself and proud to be this way, but i feel that such e-mails are a blatant ignorant perspective of the western world. The west doesn't care about stuffing pigs in our food or alcohol in our drinks, why would they when it's extra cost for them, and if they feel it is ok to drink and eat pork, then giving it to us is justing adding up to the costs of whatever they send us, which is ridiculous, i just feel that people should chill and stop such pointless propaganda, no one is after our faith, and even if their was, that's no the way to deal with it.

Some of the emails seek to prove that miracles happened to validate or re-validate faith, which to me is ridiculous because it actually shows weak faith which requires validation by materialistic proof, or the conversion of some celebrity to islam.

Please! Please! Please! stop giving the wrong impressions and notions about islam by communicating in its regard with such pompous ignorance! .... sometimes the authors of such emails include actually news articles to verify their stories, but it proves that they have poor language skills nothing more, like the story about the Kaa'ba where they say there's a bar inside that serves alcohol, they got the bar bit right but it's an I-POD Bar!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Gandhi Pills

Throghout my life i have been confronted with unreasonable aggression, hurt and just to put it simply: HATE! It has always been a dilemma to try to deal with such situations, do i come back at my aggressors with the same force? do i try to understand their reasons and motives first? do i disregard it? i have always tried to convince myself that what our parents have taught us as kids is the right road, that i have to swallow the hurt and be the more reasonable party in this situation, sometimes it was bareable, and i was able to swallow it, most other times i couldn't, i had to do something, it was like being handed a really hot plate, which you're trying to handle with the tips of your fingers and at the same time you don't want to fall or be handed over to any one else you know, how do you deal with such situations? when you can barely restrain yourself from giving back your aggressor a piece of your mind! Some people look upon this as an opportunity to unleach all their burried hurt and frustration, and that by aggreviating them their aggressor has unlocked the door to his own demise, and so they're not resposnible for whatever happens to him, and will not feel any guilt by unloading all their negative feelings unto him. Yet i wonder, what if it was all because of mis-communication, i would still like to belive that no one would approach some one he knows or doesn't know and blast off at him for no reason what so ever, there must be some reason for it, some explanation, some miscommunication, and that is why i feel we have to address the misocmmunication that happened and not the aggression itself, however, other factors come into play, other very powerful and influential factors such as diginity, pride and sense of self worth! how can you allow someone to approach your turf and break into your circle of self realization ? tat is unacceptable! i have often failed to control that bit in me, especially when i realize that the one i'm dealing with me may not share my common reasonable approach, and would just jump at the opportunity if he senses any meagre resposne to take more of my pride and protective land and add to his ego and boost it up, that is unacceptable to me! i would always tell myself i don't care about who's better then who , but in reality io do care, and i have managed to create certain feelings of satisfaction that i'm better than others in certain things which preserves my self confidence and prevenbts me from unleaching my egotisitical monsters at them! but when provocked it's very hard to control such monsters! i have been amazed with Gandhi's approach, when it comes to dealing with your aggressors, he used to claim that it was apssive resistance, but i don't share that same description, for if you break the rules of your aggressors and ignore their rules and regulations, then that is resistance, it maybe passive in the sense of not using the same weapons as your aggressors to hit back, but it definitely doesn't say just stand still while they slap you on the face and bow down to their wishes, it's still resistance but in a different way that seeks to ignore your aggressors all together, their existance, their wishes, and their objectives in hope that they we will eventually disappear themselves, but to do that you have to tame your monsters first, or maybe someone should invent a Gandhi pill that restrains all the monsters and provides you with the right peaceful solution to dealing with such threats.