Saturday, August 05, 2006

Daddy.... are there really green monsters here?

When we were kids we learnt a lot of theoritical information that we never could make a connection to in real life, and as we grew up and started learning the philosophy of "When in Rome Do as the Romans do" we started basing our morals and ethics on the general behaviour of our surrounding environment (except with some exceptional cases).

So where do the fulltime villans live in real life? or were they in cartoons only for entertainment purposes, it turns out later that due to the lack of further explanation on what villans are, we tend to make a lot of mistakes by communicating and sometimes bonding with the wrong people, just because they don't have a tail or have two horns on their head.

We meet with villains everyday, however, unlike cartoons they aren't aware of the fact that they are really villains, they may even believe that they are the victims, and that by doing what they're doing they're just getting what's rightfully theirs, of course without honest feedback from their friends and kin, their vices begin to develop even further, i hate to think of what hitler's friends and kin were like, i don't solely blame the environment, ofcourse if the individual is self obssessed and a narcisit, that also helps the vicsous cycle.

Some examples of the villains we meet maybe an unjust boss at work, or maybe a self involved, careless and unhelpful relative or friend, or maybe they're all the characters you dislike combined (you must be very unlucky to get that though).

So, what other disconnects are there in life? let's say the simple lessons we learnt about being honest and friendly, i don't think they were very clear, i mean, look the world today, i believe a simple thing like telling your kids there's something like a white lie and black lie isn't acceptable, or having him lie about you being at home to other people then asking him not to lie to you, confuses us, and creates our inner conviction that we can always have double measures, one of which is always in our favor.

Maybe if we simply start by listening, rethinking our actions everynight before going to sleep and thinking what the people around us are getting on the receiving end, the balance of justice may start leveling back to where it should be.