Sunday, November 07, 2010

Prevention and Quality - Two words we don't understand!

How many times did you go to a doctor, to find a cure for your illness, and got a cure for your pain only? How many times did you go to a mechanic, for diagnosing a troubling sound in your car, and he began changing parts haphazardly with no logical or systematic process? How many times have you met with people who dismissed the causes because the symptoms have disappeared?

Unfortunately we live in a region, where diagnosis, prevention and Quality are empty vapid words, which are no more than buzz words used in marketing pamphlets to contrast with the deteriorating and morbid state which it so flamboyantly addresses! Public figures have no problem going on public television and satellite cable television to advertise products they haven't even tried, as they play on the audience's emotion, economic downturn and their desperation!

Yet! why do we always separate the people from the media, or from leadership, or even from ourselves? Other than the need for recognition, and independence! the answer lies within ourselves! and i'm not referring to repetitive overused slogans and cliche's of hard work and persistence, rather i am referring to why we are separated, unwilling to give to others, or honor our agreements or their rights. In my humble opinion, the reason is that we despise them! we despise ourselves! and we despise our lives! we look down on anything that is too little, and we undermine and feel pity for anything that is too much, that would sound logical if we were a developed country with decent living standards, moderate GDP's, decent health care and education services! unfortunately this is not the case! and we know it! and that's another reason for us to despise ourselves!

and looking at the effort it would take to change this, and whether the change is worth it all together, and whether your neighbor and your brother an sister feel the same, and whether you will be sacrificed at the stake as your family and friends watch in the same desperation you once had, before being burnt not as a martyr, but as a traitor to your government, and your people, who will despise you and look down on you, because its simply easier that way.

Loss of Hope, could be another major cause for our problems, there is no solution, or savior, there is no saad zaghloul, omar makram, or jamal abd el nasser anymore, only anonymous leaders behind questionable cloaks, and public figures with curious agendas and international ties. Egyptians need their heroes and their saviors, we need someone to save us, show us, help us, because we are pathetic and weak and helpless, just like the sorrowful and pitiful state to which we have arrived!