Thursday, May 24, 2012

Deflected life line

I am ....words to the wicked and strength to the weak I am ....the cool breathe in the scorching summer heat I am ....face of the crippled new borns and strength of the meek I am ....water to the whale and earth to the trees On and on and on .you shall breath Until it's gone and you're gone you're free Words fail me as I grow to believe in the futility of my strength and grip on reality It's like the paper doesn't welcome the pen and the pen is blind to see It's the tight grip on lips as they shut down the doors to sanity As the corner stones fall and you're left dangling from the tree Black and grey are friends though they disagree ...why can't I see ...the rut um to the beats to the heart of me as they drift from one second to another like an endless dream with jingles and trains and bells ringing.. No end seems near just the loss of another as time flutters as life stutters and swears at you every other day ..what can I possibly say ... I got now words to explain...a coffee book treat or. Coffee treat something that picks you up when you need ...a cup of life a drug for the silent a pill for the numb and a coffin for the free ... Weakness is variable you see I can't do and be everyone and everything I can't be who you want and who I want and I need and what you see in me I can't be who I want to be because what I want isn't what I need and what I think is another me ....deflected life line may hold for some time gotta be bold remember the stories of old the stories anew the blessing that is bestowed upon you's again a life after all ..on the line